Which is the Best Choice between AngularJS and jQuery?

AngularJS is basically started by Google. Angular.js is a Back End and front web development Framework. It is a JavaScript framework. It is high level programming language that stand up the expectations of fast performance and responses for the applications. In Angular.js, HTML language is used for template. It provides the ability to create attributes using JavaScript.

Best AngularJS Online Course is providing the basic understanding of Angular modules, implementation of controllers, construct AngularJS views, implementation and in built directives, implementation of methods for processing tasks, etc.


jQuery is an open source cross platform. jQuery is fast and easy to use rich JavaScript library. JQuery main work is to navigate the documents, create animations and handle events. It makes JavaScript much easier to use the website. JQuery is the efficient way of querying, accessing and modifying elements in Documents Object Models (DOM).

AngularJS and jQuery both are used for front end development. AngularJS is a framework and jQuery is a library. AngularJS and jQuery Both are best.You can choose according to their interest. AngularJS helps to build the client side of an application. AngularJS was created a tool for CRUD application development.


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Benefits of AngularJS are:

1. Open source framework: The main benefit of AngularJS is an open source framework. AngularJS is an open source web application framework. AngularJS is basically started by Google. Angular.js is a Back End and front web development Framework.


2. MVC Support: The main benefit of AngularJS is MVC support. AngularJS used MVC framework as it is software for developing web applications. AngularJS framework is basically built on Model View Controller (MVC) concepts. It is used for designing pattern of web applications.

3. Two-way data binding: The main benefit of AngularJS is two-way data binding. The data binding is synchronised the data between the model and view. AngularJS helps to build a template which bind different components with different models.


4. User interface with HTML: Another main benefit of AngularJS is user interface with HTML. HTML interface helps to regulate the implementation of application. AngularJS directives work as an extension to HTML.

5. Dependency injections: The main benefit of AngularJS is dependency injections. AngularJS is built in dependency injection that helps by making application easy to develop and test.


JQuery can be extended through jQuery UI and mobile libraries. JQuery is used for conjunction in frameworks that organise projects.

Benefits of jQuery are:

1. Cross browser compatibility: The main benefit of jQuery is cross browser compatibility. JQuery has cross browser compatibility that means it is not dependent on any other browser.


2. Lightweight: The another main benefit of jQuery is lightweight. JQuery is a very lightweight library. JQuery requires a rich set of features that increases the productivity with less code.

3. Event Handling: The another main benefit of jQuery is event handling. JQuery includes various DOM events such as click, mouse enter, blur, mouse leave, etc. These functions automatically handle the cross browser issues.


4. DOM Manipulation: The another main benefit of jQuery is DOM manipulation.The Document Object Model (DOM) is helps to link attributesthat installation of automatic application. It helps to manipulate DOM elements using various in built functions of jQuery.

5. Use of Ajax/JSON: The another main benefit of jQuery isUse of Ajax/JSONP. jQuery is supports to develop a responsive site using AJAX/JSONP technology. Ajax/JSON functions is used to load data from servers.


AngularJS Online Training Course in India is providing the basic knowledge of how to create web applications, create hybrid apps, understand how to work with AngularJS functionally, work on MVC architecture and many more. With some effective ways you can get to know more Angular Online Training where you will enhance more advance programming language.

The companies which are using Angular JS are Wipro, Cap Gemini, IBM, Enlace, Unity Technologies, Tech Mahindra, JP Morgan, Major League Gaming, iGATE Global Solutions, Google, Amazon, Stack, Snapchat, Lyft, Apple, AWS, Dell, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.


The job roles and opportunities in Angular JS are Front End Developer, UI Developer, UI Engineer, Web Developer, MVC Web Developer, JavaScript Developer, Web App Developer, Angular JS Developer, Web Tester Application, Full Stack Developer, AngularJS programmer, Software Engineer, Developer, Associate Technology Analyst, and many more.

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